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Protection against Phishing and other online scams
Please be advised that there is a growing number of reported phishing incidents online. Unscrupulous entities will send a message to your email asking for your vital personal and financial data such as your user name password or bank account as if it were from a legitimate source for the purpose of committing fraud. They may also ask you to click on a link or download an attachment to update your pertinent information there.

Your first line of defense against phishing is to be vigilant. Protect yourself by keeping the following in mind:
  1. Emails with links to fraudulent websites

    1. Ignore phishing messages. Do not be coerced into following their instructions simply because they have threatened you that something will happen to your account. (i.e. your account will be permanently blocked) if you don't respond.

    2. No legitimate business, such as UCPB, will ask for your important personal and financial information like your user name and password via email.

    3. Be on the lookout for spelling and grammatical errors in your email messages to determine if it's a hoax or a legitimate one. UCPB for instance may be spelled as UCBP which at first glance may seem to be the right spelling or letter O is replaced by the number 0 to fool the recipient.

    4. Beware of clicking on links contained in email messages as this may lead you to fraudulent websites that plan to get pertinent data from you. If you want to access the official site, type the website in your browser's address bar or add it to your bookmarks instead.

  2. Fraudulent Websites

    1. Access the official UCPB website by typing on your browser's address bar and look for the links to UCPB Connect, CM.Biz or the appropriate facility.

    2. The legitimate login page for UCPB Connect will only ask for the User Name and Password, and never ask for email addresses and passwords, or ATM Card Numbers and ATM PINs.

  3. General care for your bank accounts

    1. Update your login password regularly. Do not use passwords that can be easily attributed to you such as your name or birthday.

    2. Regularly monitor your bank accounts and credit cards.

For any phishing-related concerns or problems on the use of our UCPB's Internet Banking Facilities, you may call our Customer Relations Center hotline at telephone numbers 811-9111 or 1-800-1-888-9777 or send a message via email at